Basterds: FPÖ rows back

Unexpected turn in the Linz cultural war. After the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) has voted against the allocation of subsidies for the cultural associations KAPU, Stadtwerkstatt, Radio FRO,, qujOchÖ and Medienwerkstatt during the municipal council session on April 18th 2013 they are rowing back now. In a press release Detlef Wimmer, district chairman of the FPÖ Linz, emphasizes that his group has made a mistake: “Actually, we wanted to vote for an increase of subsidies. In the course of the turbulences regarding the neonazi video of our group chairman the days before we have completely lost the overview. At the end Bastian suspected even that I had to do something with the sending of the video to the editorial office of the Kurier. Ridiculous! I mean, we were comrades like Adolf & Ernst, Itchi & Scratchy or Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan.”

As compensation the FPÖ Linz has produced a video in which the originally anticipated remark for the municipal council session is added.

In this video Wimmer is self-critical at the beginning: “Citizens of Linz! KAPU, Stadtwerkstatt, Freies Radio Oberösterreich,, qujOchÖ and Medienwerkstatt! Regarding the political opinions, the political views, I have to blame myself: to be out at bad weather in the area of cultural policy into a shoreless horizon.” Subsequently he criticizes the envisaged cancellation of the subsidies and promises that his group of the BFJ (Federation of the Freedom Youth) would “[...] support this subsidies for the associations KAPU, Stadtwerkstatt, Freies Radio Oberösterreich,, qujOchÖ and Medienwerkstatt totalling 279.100 Euro per year, that is in total 558.200 Euro for the years 2013 and 2014, maybe further optimized here or there”. His fellow comrades of the party Bastian & Gottfried back up this position explicitly once again, look to the future and demand with regard to the cultural budget of the City of Linz: “Und aufi!” (And up and away)

The video was realized with the help of exorbitant fundings and sponsoring. Thanks go out to the European Filmfond Eurimages, Directorate-General for Education and Culture (European Commission), Austrian Film Institute, bm:ukk, Land Oberösterreich, Stadt Linz, Raiffeisenbank OÖ, HYPO OÖ, Oberbank Linz, Erste Bank Linz, Unicredit Bank Austria Linz, BAWAG P.S.K. Linz, Volksbank Linz, SPARDA BANK Linz and Quentin Tarantino.

(Video/Editing: Take That/qujOchÖ, Audio: Radio FRO/Oliver Jagosch)